CC Lounge Exhibit

CC Lounge Exhibit is the place of creation and imagination. This is the location where art speaks for itself. This is the museum of  creation and arts.


Canadian Culture Fashion Week

CCFW is the platform for individuals working in the fashion industry, regarding your origin and background. This is the place where the ethnicity in the fashion world can be heard.


CC Lounge TV

CC Lounge TV is sponsored by and will be airing on Shaw TV. Five segments will be covered and discussed by the cast: fashion and entertainment, music and fine arts, business, science and events in the city. Each segments is done documentary-style facilitated by an interviewer from the cast with expertise in the field.


CC Lounge Awards

CC Lounge  is  recognizing your excellence in your field. We decide to encourage you to continue producing, creating and innovating.


CC Lounge - Talents/Skills

Get connected with other talented people in your industry. This will be the place to share your passion and get discovered.


CC Lounge - On the Street

We will be on every corner, every street to bring you the most entertainment that you deserve.


CC Lounge Events

"If your event is not covered by us, it does not exist." We will be there to share with you the most exciting news, events within your community.


CC Lounge - Fashion

We represent and celebrate multiculturalism in the fashion world. This is where you will discover fashion from diverse groups, origins, ethnics and backgrounds.


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