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Minorities groups are under-represented in the fashion and entertainment industry, consequently creating standards for art and beauty that lack ethnic diversity. While ethnic quotas have been set, it is not uncommon to meet no more than just the given standard, while the attitude towards minorities in the industry remains unchanged. Even the supermodel Chanel Iman has been quoted saying “A few times I got excused by designers who told me, ‘We already found one black girl. We don't need you any more.’” In the arts, multicultural events and festivals are common approaches to celebrating diversity. However, this often lumps ethnic groups into a thematic category rather than integrating them into the industry. Cultural identity shapes individuals and what each individual has to offer to an industry should not be limited.

CC Lounge Exhibit

CC Lounge Exhibit is the place of creation and imagination. This is the location where art speaks for itself. This is the museum of  creation and arts.


CC Lounge Mission

Canadian Culture Lounge (CC Lounge) aspires to use professional multimedia to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada and encourage minority groups to get involved in the arts. We maintain the highest standards of the fashion, music and art industry

– but we do not just simply meet the ethnic minority quota imposed by the fashion and entertainment industry. We go beyond that and promote the expansion the industry with these new talents and the diverse talents that they have to offer.

CC Lounge Objective

The CC Lounge project  will be able to provide multicultural entertainment to the Canadian community, while encouraging involvement in art, music and fashion.

CC lounge can promote you

Our projects bring exposure to associated businesses and locations through multiple mediums: television, events, magazines, social media and word-of-mouth. Sponsors and businesses are credited accordingly and promoted to our vast audience.

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